A Neil Diamond Tribute, Carpenters Once More, Carpenters Christmas Once More, Elvis My Way
A Neil Diamond Tribute, Carpenters Once More, Carpenters Christmas Once More, Elvis My Way
A Neil Diamond Tribute, Carpenters Once More, Carpenters Christmas Once More, Elvis My Way

The Double Diamond Show Band

Shannon Knudson - Background Vocals & Percussion

Shannon hails from California and Vegas where she began performing with the Sweet Adeline’s. Later she went on to own and operate her own Carolers group called The Merry Ole Carolers. Harmony is Shannon’s specialty.
Mother of 5 children and 2 grandchildren, she is married to Kevin Knudson, formally with SIX and currently performs nightly with Pierce Arrow.

Adrianna Fine - Background Vocals & Percussion

Adriana was hired for A Neil Diamond Tribute in 2020. Previously starring in the Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” show where she won 2021 Tribute Show of the year. She currently performs in several shows in Branson like Awesome 80’s! Phenome-nal vocalist she specializes in bells, triangle and tambourine. Her signature moves on stage gives the show a special high energy!

James Mccall - Master Percussionist

James is a drummer and master percussionist. He has played with Steve Allen & the Sweet Misery Blues Band, Leon Russell and John Mongolia. Shared the stage with BB King & Etta James.
Currently, James plays in Branson, MO for A Neil Diamond Tribute, Chicago Tribute and Carpenters Once More. He can also be found in town playing for several different rock bands.

Tim Pope - “Big Stix” Music Director, Arranger & Drummer

Tim has played drums since a young man in Compton, California. He studied music with some of the top instructors including, Billy Moore,Greg Goodall and Richard Wilson.
His break came when he was hired by Ray Charles! He is featured in the coke commercials Ray did, as well. Check them out on youtube!
He has played with many greats including Tony Orlando, who he still plays with today ,and has for over 20 years.

Robert Terry - Bass Guitar

Robert Terry has been playing Lead and Bass Guitar in Branson for many years. He is master of his craft and currently plays for A Neil Diamond Tribute, Hughes Brothers, Shoji Tabuchi and Cassandra.
He has also played with The Osmond’s, The Lennon Sisters and on the road with the Glen Campbell Tribute.

Bogie Bohinc - Lead Guitar

Bogie traveled to Branson from California with Tony Orlando and later joined Andy Williams at the Moon River Theater. Bogies, also known as our resident comedian, shares stories about entertaining on the road for 30 years that are hilari-ous and keep us in stitches in the Green Room..
Currently, he also plays for A Neil Diamond Tribute and a plethora of traveling shows.

Terry Laird - Piano & Synth

Terry has been playing in shows throughout Branson for the past 39 years. He has been music director for such shows as Rankin Brothers and The Chicago Tribute and has worked with The Plummer Family, Lawrence Welk, Silver Dollar City, Mike Walker and Jerry Pressley.
Currently, Terry plays in Elvis, Live!, A Neil Diamond Tribute, Chicago Tribute and The Neil Sedaka Tribute.

Jay Parks – Trombone

Jay began his career in entertainment in a unique way. He started in the Army Band at West Point. He went on to play in several Army Bands for over 20 years, as well as, Bobby Vinton and the Glenn Miller Band.
We thank him for his service and his talent!
In addition for Carpenters Once More, he currently performs in A Neil Diamond Tribute, The Chicago Tribute and Elvis! Live.

Jay Daversa – Trumpet

Jay has performed “live” in shows with studio audiences, such as Mary Tyler Moore and Bob Newhart, as well as with The Elvis and Barbara Streisand.
As a studio musician, he is featured on numerous albums, including several tunes for the Carpenters.
His most notorious tune you would recognize him for is the theme song from the hit TV show, “The Waltons.”

Bill Reder - Flute & Saxophone

Bill has played with a variety of Mega Stars as a resident musician in Vegas at Caesars Palace. His line up included, Tony Bennet, James Brown, and Lynyrd Skynard, Johnny Mathis, Glen Campbell, Liberace, Chuck Berry and many more!
Currently, he is featured in Elvis, Live!, Chicago Tribute, A Neil Diamond Tribute and Carpenters Once More.

Keith Allynn Aka Neil Diamond

He began performing as Elvis for 14 years. After meeting a beautiful young lady who told him he looked and sounded like Neil Diamond, he eventually heeded her encouragement and became, The Diamond Image. His show, A Neil Diamond Tribute, now pays tribute to that transformation and their love story while telling Neil Diamond’s life through Diamond’s own songs. 12x Tribute show/Artist of the year. Keith is a true entertainer!

Diana Lynn - (Aka Karen Carpenter) Vocals

Diana, born into an entertainment family, has entertained her entire life in all types of venues and shows across the United States.
Her true desire was to open a Carpenters Tribute in Branson, MO and share the story of Richard and Karen’s career. After recovering from a major illness that had her bedridden for over 9 months, and included 19 ER visits and 9 hospitalizations, her dream came true in 2015 with the birth of Carpenters Once More!

Charlie Rastofer - Sound & Lights - Trombone Player